HOCH.REIN - Mission & Vision

Sniffing out innovations, identifying market requirements, developing visions, assisting with market-readiness, and steering companies towards success – that’s HOCH.REIN’s business.

We tend to think more long term – not just in terms of profit. We’re mindful of continuously and strategically developing our portfolio and creating lasting value.

We make pragmatic decisions right where they’re needed. As such, we encourage flat hierarchies, short reporting lines, and responsibility at every level.

We give every company scope to develop their own individuality in accordance with HOCH.REIN values.

“When the wind of change blows, some build windmills, the others build walls.”

Chinese proverb

One of the most important questions for us is how we can produce energy in the most effective and environmentally friendly manner, and consume it in a highly efficient way.

The HOCH.REIN GROUP is open to new ideas and investments in innovative technologies and future generations. We use our strategic focus to create new standards of living and comfort. We make our lives smarter and more environmentally friendly for tomorrow and beyond.