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In the field of “NEW TECHNOLOGIES – ENERGY”, HOCH.REIN focuses on innovative concepts in energy generation, energy conversion, energy storage and energy supply. The renewable energy production market in particular offers potential for new, innovative solutions and improvements. HOCH.REIN creates new energy systems intended to make our future profitable and climate-friendly.

HOCH.REIN is intensively committed to renewable energies. Together with our subsidiaries, we develop new technologies to produce, distribute and supply our power grids with environmentally friendly electricity, such as organic photovoltaics (OPV) – a genuine new star in the solar industry, offering potential for our solar future.

One of the most important questions concerning us is how we can produce and consume new energy in the most effective, environmentally friendly way. The HOCH.REIN GROUP is open to new ideas and investments in next-generation technologies.


“HOCH.REIN is a “technology scout” when it comes to mega trends. HOCH.REIN tracks down new mega trends in technology, and finds suitable businesses and market opportunities for these. Mega trends are already having an effect today, and signal changes that will shape us over the long term. HOCH.REIN is constantly searching for market opportunities resulting from these changes. Niches are particularly important here; not just surface trends.”

Here are 4 of the biggest mega trends driving innovations for the HOCH.REIN GROUP’s new technologies:

We’re still just at the start of a new phase of urbanization; cities are undergoing a renaissance as a culture and way of life. The cities of the future will be more diverse, more networked, more livable and “greener”, in every sense, than we have seen them in a very long time. The main change, however, comes in people’s relationship with and awareness of their cities.


Conservation, resource protection, corporate social responsibility: The mega trend in neo-ecology is shifting the economic system towards a new business morale that is radically changing the markets and consumer behavior. In future, growth will be seen as a new mix of economics, ecology and social engagement.


Very few things in life shape our globalized society as much as the mega trend of mobility. It forms the basis of the way we live and do business. We are now at the start of a multi-mobile age – with many different opportunities to implement new mobile requirements and wishes economically, conveniently and sustainably.


Artificial intelligence
Artificial intelligence (AI) is the concept of machines that “think like humans”, i.e. machines that argue, design, learn and understand language. While machines won’t be able to keep up with human intelligence in the near future, AI will impact our everyday lives in a number of ways. The driving force behind AI is a technology known as “machine learning”, which is designed to reduce our workload and make us more productive. Learning machines will take over many of our tasks – but will not replace us humans.

(Source: Megatrends: Zukunftsinstitut, Frankfurt)