HOCH.REIN - Industrial Production

HOCH.REIN encourages innovative ideas, technological trends and their development, successfully incorporating this into industrial production.
“Industry 4.0”. The HOCH.REIN GROUP is a leading driver of this industrial future, whose approach is to digitally network machines, storage systems and equipment.
Smart, learning machines and systems that communicate with each other in “cyber-physical systems” create completely new industrial structures, and optimize all kinds of value chains.
Industry 4.0 is the latest contemporary issue that virtually every business wanting to be equipped for the future should be looking into.

“We help production companies with manufacturing, service optimization, speeding up product development, and reducing operating costs.”

Smart Factory – The factory of the future

HOCH.REIN was a pioneer in the factory of the future. We are considered the inventors of the Smart Factory. We saw the signs of the times early on, and networked technologies such as virtual or mixed reality with customers, suppliers and several locations at one industrial company.
It’s the interlinking and digital networking that creates the Smart Factory.
The basis for future functioning processes is a completely new industrial architecture whose new work spaces guarantee smooth, optimized processes through artificial intelligence with machine learning.
Head into the future of Industry 4.0 with us.