HOCH.REIN - Alternative
Energy Production & Trade

We act – Changes generate new markets and shift our known patterns of supply and demand. Knowledge of these processes enables us to systematically link new needs to products, turning opportunities into successes. Our international setup, among other things, allows us to bring products and demand together here.

With our holding companies, we are able to service the most fundamental form of market supply: commerce.

Alternative energy production & commerce offered by our holding companies – an overview:

  • Sustainable energy – The electricity market is changing – and not just through the increased use of renewable energy. Our holding companies at solar and hydroelectric power plants generate green electricity
  • Energy supplier – The initial spark for the change in energy policy was struck back in 1998 when the German electricity market was liberalized – and we trade in energy.

Identifying transformations – Seizing opportunities. Servicing new markets with products.