HOCH.REIN Service Pool -
Shared Services

No matter what kind of innovation or new technology, making a new concept marketable, and indeed launching it on a high-volume market, is much harder than many realize. The most important thing – from the initial idea, to product prototyping, to market-readiness and ultimately multiplication/commercialization – is to find an optimum way of producing and marketing the end product in adequate quantities for customer needs, and selling it with the highest possible profit margins and volumes.
HOCH.REIN has specialized, modular shared services for all kinds of support needs. They’re highly professional, experienced business units acting as service providers in the pool accessible for the many different business processes, e.g. in departments such as Human Resources, Financial Supply Chain, Procurement, Marketing, Legal, IT, etc.

“The HOCH.REIN advantage lies in the fact that the group-wide shared services ensure unparalleled quality in accompanying management processes such as Human Resources, Finance, Marketing and Legal for the HOCH.REIN holdings – a level of quality the holding companies could not otherwise afford. Pooled expertise is developed and made available to the holdings, enabling them to concentrate on their core competencies.”

The advantages of the HOCH.REIN Shared Service Center organization are obvious: Expert know-how, professionalism, an entrepreneurial mindset and high service quality, while reducing costs, to achieve continuous optimizations for the company.
Shared services are also becoming increasingly attractive for SMEs, more and more of which are choosing to bring in external pro power. And yet the costs for the HOCH.REIN shared services are surprisingly low, and quickly pay for themselves. You too can secure the best – in the best interests of your business.