HOCH.REIN - Kitzingen Innovation Center

The INNOPARK KITZINGEN, www.innopark-kitzingen.de, is a modern industrial park offering businesses and research establishments synergy effects and room to implement their ideas and visions. The name INNOPARK contains “innovation” and stands for being open to new things, pooling ideas, and actively shaping the future.

In the heart of the Main-Franconian region, nestled between the university town of Würzburg and the town of Schweinfurt, with its technical college and large-scale industry, the INNOPARK has tremendous potential for research and development. Businesses based here benefit from the region’s excellently trained skilled workers and a future-focused location.
Spanning an area of 52 ha, the INNOPARK KITZINGEN offers unparalleled industrial quality, flexibility and security. The innovative estate is a central hub for production, trade and services. In addition to the work premises, it also boasts homes, sporting facilities and recreational facilities, ensuring synergy effects can be optimized. A professional management team takes care of long-term, reliable quality on site, while a highly developed IT infrastructure and competent full-service solutions, such as interior design, IT and facility services, enable the companies based here to concentrate on their core business. Its well-thought-out design sees it split into a public area, with offices, sports facilities and events, and a secure area with a 24-hour guard service. Premises in both areas are leased out according to industry and target audience. In each case, the renovated buildings, which comply with modern standards, and outdoor areas can all cater to flexible layouts. Innovative photovoltaic technology means the INNOPARK can meet part of its electricity needs through self-generated solar power.