The HOCH.REIN GROUP is a medium-sized international holding company. The aim of the HOCH.REIN Local Family Office, based in Germany’s Lower Franconia region, is to encourage entrepreneurship. Our activities cover the areas of technology, energy, future and innovation, focusing on the four main business fields of New Technologies, Industrial Production, Real Estate & IT Services, and Alternative Energies & Commerce.

“We help innovative businesses achieve success. We do this by involving strategic partners and financial investors, using our shared services, and applying the group companies’ industry expertise in the fields of technology, innovation and production/manufacturing.”

Innovative strength from research and development plays a key role in business development. It often determines the marketability and competitiveness of a product or service. Controlled innovations create competitive advantages and financial success. SMEs and startups often lack the funding and access to vast expertise and contacts to implement their ideas. This is where HOCH.REIN comes in, with all its skills in technology, markets, and finance, supporting businesses and working with them to develop and future-proof innovative, marketable technologies based on their visions.

HOCH.REIN is all about developing new technologies and improving existing processes. Our areas of research are not focused on specific business fields or markets; they’re broader. HOCH.REIN also implements and integrates new technologies into existing products and systems. We improve effectiveness and efficiency so you can successfully prevail over other market players.
With our programs supporting innovation and technology, we provide a future for your ideas and visions. A one-stop shop. Give your ideas wings and have the courage of a true entrepreneur. Together, we’ll get you ahead to your successful future.