chargeIT and HKS Fischer cooperate by expending the charging infrastructure

Tuesday, 20.08.2019

Kitzingen/Paderborn: chargeIT mobility and HKS, with its subsidiary Fischer, have sealed a partnership to develop charging infrastructure. The cooperation between chargeIT mobility GmbH and HKS Systeme GmbH is producing e-mobility charging solutions capable of being integrated into existing parking management systems, and which thus offers customers extensive accessibility and billing services. HKS has founded a joint venture with Scheidt & Bachmann to develop smart check-out and access solutions for the recreational industry. The new company, entervo-access, will, in future, not only be able to offer both parties’ 1,200 existing customers smart access and billing solutions; it will also be able to expand the portfolio to include the new charging solution. The charging station itself is made by HKS subsidiary Fischer. In addition to two charging points and a touch screen, all charging stations also feature an integrated chargeIT smart charge monitor, ensuring all systems have full back-end integration with the chargeIT interface. The charge monitor controls and regulates the charging process, and communicates with the IT back-end, which in turn collects the charging data sent to the HKS system via a secure interface for billing. A preference for charging using renewable energy can also be facilitated as a result of integrating the charge monitor.

Customers also enjoy new benefits

“The partnership with Fischer, HKS and chargeIT produces valuable synergies that particularly benefit users,” says HKS CEO Lutz Klusekemper. It offers users the best overall service, from operations at the Fischer charging station, monitoring of the charging process via the chargeIT charge monitor, and operations in the chargeIT user portal, to billing via the HKS system.

Payments can be facilitated for e-vehicle drivers by networking the parking and charging processes. A number of processes can be billed easily via the HKS system. It is also possible to generate only one single payment process for the parking and charging. In addition, this can be connected with many other amenities, such as a voucher system. When redeeming a day pass for a swimming pool, for example, e-car charging could be added for free or at a discounted rate. This is enabled in part by virtue of the smart charging monitor communicating with the HKS billing system.

The user portal for e-vehicle drivers, which is also provided by chargeIT, offers an overview of the charging processes at the stations. Registered users can easily see this and check their billing details.

As a first step, 20 charging stations (40 charging points) are to commence operation in Schwäbisch Hall by the end of 2019. In a further step, 20 additional charging stations are set to be installed in the greater Schwäbisch Hall region, the supply area for the Schwäbisch Hall public utility company, by the end of 2020.

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