Dynamic market - dynamic brand
chargeIT shines in a new design

Friday, 02/22/2019

Who opens the web page of the chargeIT mobility GmbH, attains a first impression of the new market presence of the company – this is impressive in accent-rich colors.

With fresh, new colors, a new logo and the slogan “empowering e-mobility” chargeIT communicates the company’s values as well as its positioning as a “forward thinker and forerunner” of e-mobility. The chargeIT corporate logo is intended to represent both the energy-rich charging process and the dynamic, growing e-mobility market, as well as the technology and IT-driven side of the company. “The e-mobility market is growing steadily. Right from the start, we have focused on the future requirements of e-mobility, and our solutions have made us future-proof. This should also be reflected in the new design,” says Sebastian Bachmann, CEO of chargeIT. The new corporate colors are a combination of “yellow orange” and “royal blue”. The orange represents the energy and dynamic, combined with royal blue to suit the intelligent technology and the IT behind it. The launch of the new market presence is an important milestone in the implementation of the corporate strategy.

Future-proof positioning

By 2018, the company had already doubled its headcount and also had major palns for 2019: “We are continuing to expand our top team. Our goal is to keep our solutions at the highest technological level and always offer our customers the best service,” explains Gerald Mützel, Head of Corporate Development. “Customer-specific, future-proof solutions that are more than the pure hardware product require employees who deal with customers and understand their needs. “

With the redesign, the company is now presenting to the world what it has long been: a dynamic and innovative company with forward-looking solutions.