e-floater, the next-generation micro mobility solution

Monday, 09/03/2018 

  1. e-floater, the next generation micro mobility solution

As a Mobility-as-a-Service (MaaS) provider, Floatility solves the last mile problem in the cities. With the e-floater, the startup has developed the next generation of ultra-light and intelligent electric scooters. As part of an IoT mobility platform, the e-floater is offered as a turnkey solution to network operators operating in urban areas. The e-floater sharing system can be used in a variety of ways, including as a public system, in tourism, at events, or on company premises.

  1. Development of an electric vehicle designed for sharing

With the support of strong international partners such as BASF or Autodesk, the efloater was developed and constructed. Contrary to commonly used metals, the three-wheel electric e-floater consists of 80% recyclable high-performance plastics. The two front wheels guarantee a high stability when driving and a secure parking position. “Our goal was to use the e-floater to develop an innovative, durable yet lightweight vehicle,” says Oliver Risse, founder of Floatility.

  1. Mobility solution for the last kilometer

For the last kilometer, e.g. the path between the apartment and the subway, the e-floater is an ideal solution. With three clicks on the smartphone ready to drive and after the ride off the goal, another click on the smartphone and the user is logged off again. With this short-haul mobility solution, Floatility offers a meaningful supplement to existing public transport offerings and the Sharing Economy offerings.

  1. Public Sharing System in Singapore

After starting as an in-house fleet for the American company Autodesk, since the beginning of 2018 the e-floater has been operating as a public sharing service in the business park One North in Singapore.

  1. Sharing made easy

The electrically powered stand roller is a convincingly easy-to-use vehicle for short daily distances. In the free smartphone app you can rent the e-floater with just three fingertips and drive off and with only one tap the rent is terminated again. The fun is not too short. After only a short time you have become accustomed to driving and enjoy the so-called floaten, which feels like skiing on the road. Since there are no stations in the e-floater network, the vehicle can be parked within the service area wherever bicycles are parked. With its three wheels, the vehicle stays upright without falling over. A service team ensures that an almost empty battery is quickly replaced. And if an e-floater should ever be in the wrong place, the vehicle can easily be changed over with the battery service.