chargeIT mobility wins Germany's largest load management project

 Tuesday, 06/19/2018

One of Europe’s most substantial load management projects comes into existence in Dörnberg in Re-gensburg. ChargeIT mobility delivers the entire charging infrastructure system consisting of hardware and software. Currently, at least 220 charging points with expansion options are planned.

Regensburg/Kitzingen: At the beginning of this year, the Regensburger Energie- und Wasserver-sorgung AG & Co KG (REWAG) conceptualised and publicly advertised the charging and load man-agement project as part of the underground parking development. Several charging providers had applied. The contract was awarded to chargeIT mobility GmbH from Kitzingen in Germany. ‘We look forward to realising this groundbreaking project,’ says Yusuf Akdeniz, head of sales for chargeIT mo-bility. The number of charging points and demanding technical requirements make this a benchmark-setting project for the still underdeveloped non-public car charging market. The private sector will ob-tain the most significant share of automotive electricity in the future, but so far not many solutions are available in housing estates. Thus, the Dörnberg district, developed by the Hubert Haupt Immobilien Holding and Bucher Properties, claims a pioneering role. REWAG together with chargeIT mobility offers a comprehensive package including project development, contract processing, as well as the consequent operation over a period of ten years. At the same time, REWAG utilises the chargeIT mo-bility solutions to combine private charging in underground parking with public charging in the city and surrounding areas through a single payment option. With over 110 charging points in Regensburg as well as the surrounding region, REWAG has already created a comprehensive public charging infra-structure.

Unique project in Germany

The undertaking in Dörnberg is currently the largest charging infrastructure and load manage-ment project in Germany. Upon completion of the final expansion phase in 2020, over 200 charging points will be available to charge electric vehicles. Required is intelligent load management to operate as many charging points as possible while at the same time ensuring the optimal power supply of all connected components, for example, apartments.

There will be over 200 wallbox charging points with an output of up to 22 kW. The main reason for the complexity of the project is that the available grid power has to be controlled so that both the resident companies and private residences can be reliably powered, and the electric vehicles can be charged at the same time without causing overvoltage due to network congestion. For this, the load manage-ment power is distributed dynamically and optimally. A backup option is available in cases of failure, which ensures the charging of electric vehicles with their minimum specification and also guarantees authentication without RFID charging card. A VIP activation via RFID to utilise the full power of the charging points is also planned.

The project is scheduled for completion at the turn of the year  

The first construction phase with 40 charging points will be completed as early as July 2018.

In the next step, the REWAG will install the necessary cables, distribution substations and carry out the grid-related works. Following this, chargeIT mobility will equip the electrical rooms with the so-called charging cluster centres and install the wallboxes. A total of 160 additional charging points shall be installed in two further construction phases at the turn of the year 2018/2019.

Source of image material: Dörnberg-Viertel Projekt GmbH & Co. KG

About chargeIT mobility GmbH: The company chargeIT mobility GmbH was founded in 2010 and is located in the INNOPARK Kitzingen. As an experienced e-mobility service provider, chargeIT is a member of the hoch.rein group. The enterprise has been developing smart charging solutions for e-vehicles since the very beginning of the young electromobility sector (electric cars, buses and bikes). As an independent IT backend provider, chargeIT provides a platform for connected electromobility and offers fully integrated all-in-one solutions consisting of control electronics (charge controller) and cloud solution (portal for charging management) for this purpose. Currently, chargeIT has installed more than 2000 charging points in Europe.

About REWAG: The Regensburg Energie- und Wasserversorgung AG & Co.KG (REWAG) is a local provider of energy and drinking water that supplies more than 200,000 private households and com-mercial customers with electricity, natural gas, heat and drinking water. REWAG was founded in 1976 and has a current workforce of 400 employees that ensures a comfortable and reliable supply of water in the region. The company also offers tailor-made energy concepts to commercial and domestic cus-tomers. REWAG has progressed from a pure energy supplier into a decentralised energy producer. It focuses on environmentally friendly energy projects, such as the construction of efficient energy gen-eration and heat installations, with particular focus on the efficient cogeneration of heat and power (CHP). Moreover, it operates photovoltaic and biogas systems and several wind turbines. In its role as a local company, REWAG is responsible for Regensburg and the region. Accordingly, it supports as-sociations, projects, events and numerous good causes in the cultural, sports and social spheres.

About Das DÖRNBERG: Only 400 meters away from the historic Regensburg Old Town, Das DÖ-RNBERG is growing step by step on 25 hectares of land from east to west with completion scheduled by 2021. The project is being constructed in three phases, with about 300 residential units in the Georgenhof being planned in the first stage ranging between 26 and 150 square metres, in addition to the district centre Dörnbergforum. With a leasable area of 20,000 square metres, it will offer all of the things needed for daily life. A spacious landscaped park with a green noise barrier completes the de-sign of the urban district. TÜV Süd provides guidance through periodic inspections thereby ensuring the highest levels of quality during construction. The first phase of construction is scheduled for com-pletion in early 2019.

Another 1,000 apartments are intended to be built in the second and third construction phase. These shall equally be provided with electrified parking spaces.