The IT network Würzburg-Mainfranken in an interview with Würzblog

Friday, 07/20/2018

Simon Klingenmaier  was interviewed by Ralf Thees  of Würzblog on the IT network Mainfranken!

The IT network Würzburg-Mainfranken has existed for a good two years. It was initiated by Barcatta. At the beginning, ten IT companies from the region were in the network and the first meeting took place in February 2016. In the meantime, around 50 IT companies and IT service providers are networked in the IT network. Simon Klingenmaier, whose idea was the network, reported in an interview with Ralf Thees von Würzblog what is planned in the future with the IT network.

What is the basic idea of the IT network?

The central goal of the IT network is to bring Würzburg and Mainfranken to the outside as an IT location. One would like to advertise together, for example with actions that attract attention. In addition, the network should provide a framework to get to know each other and exchange information and knowledge about current IT topics – the classic networks.

Which companies are part of the IT network?

In the IT network Würzburg-Mainfranken about 50 IT companies are networked. These include local players such as Garmin Germany GmbH, SALT Solutions AG, YAVEON AG, FIS Information Systems and Consulting GmbH, EIKONA AG and barcatta GmbH, but smaller companies are also part of the IT network.

What’s next?

Now the decision was made to reorganize the IT network and to found an association. This should be more binding in the round and be made in legal matters clarity. The club is scheduled to open in October or November and preparations have already started. The first concrete steps of the association will be its own website and communication channels in social networks and to show presence at (job) fairs and events.

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